Rev. Deb MADE our wedding! The ceremony she created for us was personal, spiritual, uplifting, and just utterly beautiful. We met with her only once before the big day, and we had people coming up to us after the ceremony asking how long we’d known her, shocked to hear the truth, thinking we’d known her forever. One of our groomsmen who was getting married a few weeks later was mad he didn’t know about Rev. Deb before that day, because he wished he could have booked her for his own wedding after being part of the ceremony.

The process from start to finish was pretty simple – we met with her once, discussed the types of elements we wanted to include in our ceremony, and from there went back and forth over email a few times regarding the ceremony she had drafted. She has some beautiful ideas and excerpts to include, and every single person has since said it was the most beautiful and original ceremony they’ve ever seen.

On the day-of, everything went perfectly, except I actually forgot to bring our marriage license to the venue! I panicked (obviously), but Rev. Deb kept me calm and started talking through all the different scenarios so we could have the license signed before we left the country for two weeks (since the paperwork needs to be sent in within a certain window after the ceremony takes place). She even offered to have us drop by her house on our way to the airport the next day and use her family members as witnesses if necessary! Luckily, a few of our guests were able to retrieve it from our hotel in time, but it was amazing to know she would have done anything to help us out and make sure we didn’t have to worry.

If you’re looking for a personalized, touching ceremony that really speaks to the couple getting married vs. a generic, templated ceremony, Rev. Deb is your gal! We can’t thank her enough for making our day so special and memorable!

5.0 stars