Reviews and Testimonials

“Dear Rev Deb, Thank you so much for working with us on our wedding ceremony. You truly captured us and gave us a beautiful personal ceremony that our guests still talk about. You have a gift and we couldn’t have asked for a better officiant!

Thank you! Love, Erika and Brian” July 20, 2013

“Dear Rev Deb, Thank you so much for officiating our wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and so personal. We felt so comfortable with you from the very beginning and you made us both feel at ease during the most important moment in our lives. Your warm spirit made our ceremony perfect! Thank you so much!

Love, Robin and Jay”

“Dear Rev Deb, Thank you very much for officiating our wedding ceremony. We truly loved your warm and kind demeanor. We really enjoyed meeting with you and immediately felt comfortable with you! The wedding was such a special and meaningful day and thank you for making that way. All our guests told us our ceremony was beautiful and we feel we owe much of that to you! Thanks again and please know we do intend on referring you to everyone!

Love, Lauren and Brian.” June 3, 2016

“Thank you for making our wedding day the most amazing day of our lives!

Love, Alex and Kim.” July 10, 2014

“Dear Rev Deb, Thank you so much for being part of our wedding in such a significant way! The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and we could not be happier. We received so many compliments on how well you put the ceremony together. We sincerely appreciate the work and love you put into it!

Love, Lori and Marco.” June 22, 2014

“Dear Rev Deb, Thank you so very much for the beautiful ceremony you performed for us. It was heartfelt, funny, and really just perfect! Thank you for your wonderful words and for helping to make our day so special!

Love Kat and Michael.” October 17, 2014

I wish I could give Rev. Deb SIX stars! I can’t say enough positive things about Rev. Deb. We met with several officiants, but we knew she was the perfect person to marry us. She’s very down to earth and we both felt we clicked with her right away. She took the time to get to know us, and wrote a beautiful wedding address that was very suited for us and really touched us. Rev. Deb really worked with us, incorporating all of the elements we wanted in our ceremony, rather than designing a ceremony for us without our input. She was the person who suggested a sandframe for the sand ceremony instead of a vase, which we thought was a wonderful idea. She even stepped in at the last minute to do one of the two readings herself, when our friend who was supposed to do it was unable to make the wedding due to an illness. Many people told us it was the most beautiful ceremony they had seen, and one guest commented that it was so very personal to us and very memorable. Rev. Deb made the most important part of our wedding more special and more lovely that we could ever have hoped for, and we will always be grateful to her.

Elisa and Vive
Sept 26, 2010

Rev. Deb was very friendly and professional. She met with us multiple times to help us personalize our wedding ceremony to exactly what we wanted. She was on time for the wedding itself and even used her cell phone to find verses that a bridesmaid was supposed to bring to the ceremony and forgot. She was so helpful. Every guest at our wedding commented on how excellent she was with our ceremony. They complimented her on everything from the length of the ceremony to the personalization of the vows. I can not say enough about how wonderful she is and we are grateful to have had her as our officiant! We couldn’t imagine anyone else performing our wedding ceremony. We would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone interested in making their ceremony unique and special.

Melissa and Ryan
Sept 4, 2010

Rev. Deb is by far one of the kindest people I have ever met. My husband, Joe, and I only needed one meeting with her to know we wanted her to perform our wedding ceremony. She has a light around her that comes from her generous nature and gentle spirit. It was truly an honor to be married by her. She will have a special place in our hearts forever.

Tina and Joe
May 31, 2010

Reverend Deb Viola was wonderful. I can’t say enough about her: she is warm, welcoming, approachable, compassionate… one of those people you know you instantly like the second you meet her. She was more than helpful in making me and my husband feel at ease with the overwhelming chore of choosing just the right words for our ceremony. She provided feedback and gentle reminders when they were needed, and helped us to have one of the most memorable ceremonies that we (and our friends and families) have ever experienced. She had a gentle way about her that captured the guests’ attention and made more than one of them ask me at a later date for her contact information for themselves or people they knew. I also found out later that two of my guests had had her perform their ceremonies. Rev Deb is a celebrity! And rightfully so… what a wonderful experience… what a wonderful person!

Catherine and Christian
May 15, 2010

“Never have I ever heard so many compliments in my life about a wedding ceremony. Matt and I decided to have our ceremony at our hall because we are very spiritual and do not associate with organized religion. Rev. Deb met our expectations and delivered a ceremony that was so touching and so spoke to the audience about who Matt and I are. She has a true gift of understanding people and the relationships between them. She also came to our rehearsal dinner and gave us a great rehearsal. She also created a keepsake for us of the “script” of the ceremony which also includes all our readings and vows. She is wonderful!!!!!!”

Michelle and Matt
July 14, 2006

“This was the one vendor that I was really procrastinating with booking… here I was 3 months before the wedding and still had no one to marry us. Neither DH nor I are very religious and are both different religions, so I thought this was going to be my most challenging vendor to book…After doing some LIW research, I first contacted Pastor April, from the Church of Ancient Ways… after receiving my first email from Pastor April, by the time I wrote back to her, she had booked an appt for our date but was nice enough to recommend Rev. Deb. Rev Deb was great from our first meeting with her DH opened up to her immediately so I knew she was the one to book! She actually made me excited about our ceremony and made me feel like it was actually going to be special… I was so nervous that it was going to be boring since we didn’t want to involve anything religious… She gave us a huge packet of non- religious readings that was so hard to pick from, because they were all beautiful and she shared the idea of having a sand ceremony. Well, our ceremony was very special and when Rev. Deb got there, she gave me a big hug and I knew everything was going to be great. She even gave us a copy of what she read for our ceremony. It was really beautiful.”

Cortney and Andrew
April 8, 2006

“We are interfaith and neither one of us are religious. We knew we wanted a ceremony that was about us. We wanted to be able to celebrate our love for each other. After meeting with a number of officiants, we found Rev. Deb. She sat with us for over an hour, asking us all kinds of questions – how we met, why we wanted to get married- we knew instantly that we wanted her to marry us. Rev. Deb wrote a beautiful ceremony- she incorporated some things from each of our religions and made it about us and our love for each other. We also wrote our own vows, which Rev. Deb put on cards for us so we wouldn’t have to worry about anything. People keep telling me how moving and beautiful our ceremony was.”

Lauren and Travis
May 28, 2006

“We found Reverend Deb on this site and I’m so happy we did. We wanted a ceremony that wasn’t religious, but still spiritual and personal. Rev. Deb met with us and we felt so comfortable with her right away. When we described that we didn’t know exactly what we wanted for our ceremony (except what I said above) she “got it” right away and made us feel confident about how it would turn out. She kept in touch with us and made our ceremony so easy to work on, she was another no stress vendor! I have to say that our ceremony was a big hit and SO many of our guests raved about it. People I would never expect to even care about a wedding ceremony told us it made them cry & that it was a beautiful ceremony.. Many people told us it was the nicest one they had ever seen. We were so pleased with how it turned out, it was exactly what we wanted and we were happy that it came across like it did and wasn’t boring or anything to our guests.”

(Co Officiating with Pastor April)
“Deb was the co-officiant for the ceremony and as usual Deb did an awesome job. Deb acted to explain the different aspects of the ceremony and clarified why we stood the way we stood, what the purpose of certain things were like the sand ceremony and the breaking of the glass and served to assist April in all of the readings and comments. I know first hand that Deb does am awesome job because she performed the ceremony for my cousin’s wedding less than a year ago. She was able to incorporate both the Jewish and Roman Catholic ceremony into one and my very religiously conservative family accepted their ceremony with many compliments. Deb is a wonderful officiant and do not hesitate to call upon her to perform a ceremony that will be both elegant and unforgettable.”

2007 Wedding of the Year

“I met Rev Deb while I was working ( I play the violin) at another wedding. It was such a wonderful ceremony, non-denominational but also non cheesy. I’ve seen so many ceremonies because of playing for them, and Rev Deb was my absolute favorite officiant. My husband and I met with her and she reF got us excited about the ceremony. The ceremony is the other thing that people keep raving about, it was the perfect length and she really said nice things. I also liked that we had a rough draft of the ceremony where we could make any changes and we had a lot of choices for different parts of the ceremony. We chose a hand ceremony which was something different and we loved. She also sent in our marriage documents very quickly because we returned from our 3 week honeymoon and had our certificate waiting for us!”

Cynthia and Ian
July 29, 2007

“Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for giving us such a beautiful wedding ceremony. Our families and friends have been complimenting us over and over, telling us how unique and heartfelt it was! We really appreciate your help in making our wedding day so special and so “us.” It was everything we hoped it could be, and then some, and we’ll always be able to look back on it with great joy.”

Kris and Donnie
March 15, 2008

“Rev. Deb was fantastic from start to finish. She is so laid back and fun to talk to. I booked her simply from talking to her on the phone, and when we met her in person I knew we made the right decision. She was quick responding to emails, answered all of my questions perfectly. She designed a fantastic ceremony that was so personal and had everyone choked up. (People kept asking me how long I knew her since it was so personal!)
I would recommend Rev. Deb in a heartbeat. You WON’T be disappointed.”

Melissa and Nicholas
March 10, 2007

“I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful wedding ceremony you performed. You conducted the ceremony flawlessly; you were warm and personable and you made us very, very comfortable. You were so helpful and kind throughout the whole process, from our first conversation all the way to the end. Thank you so much for putting together such a beautiful ceremony, I can’t tell you how many times I had to fight back the tears. Ken and I were very happy with everything. I have attached a photo for you memories. I wish you all the best in life; thank you for helping us start ours.”

Iliana and Kenneth

“Thank you for so quickly getting back to me via e-mail. After doing some “research” and talking it over with Scott, We feel that (although we have not yet met with you) your style, reputation and recommendations would be great to work with. The wording and style of the ceremony is very important to us and I feel that you will be best to work with in developing the perfect ceremony.”

“For so many years we have wanted a child and to no avail, you come in to our lives and suddenly we are blessed, THANK YOU. Our lives have been wonderful since you performed our renewal.
We are adopting a little girl, 5 years old and she is wonderful. We pick her up on Saturday. This has been a whirlwind and we weren’t even trying right now. We are completely in love with her and she has been through so much, but we are eager to help her heal. Please burn a candle for us that this continues to go well.
Thank you for blessing us.”

Liz and Mark

“James and I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to thank you for the beautiful ceremony. We were so pleased with it all from beginning to end. I know I had asked you last minute to mention my father in the ceremony and I thank you so much for doing that. It meant a whole lot to me. It was a pleasure to meet you and once again thank you so much for everything!”

Rachel and James

“Michael and I wanted to say thank you so much for everything. The ceremony went so smoothly and it was amazing! You made us both feel so happy and comfortable up there. So many people have come and told me how all of your words were so eloquent and beautiful.
Thank you so much!!!”

Alyson and Michael

“Rev. Deb was great. The ceremony was very heart-felt and touching. She was a very nice and I highly recommend her services.”

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“Hi Rev. Deb
I just wanted to thank you for a beautiful ceremony on Sunday. So many people were talking about how great you were and personal the ceremony was and how they didn’t want it to end – they wanted to hear more!!”

Christina and Scott
Sunset Harbor June 2008