Same Sex Marriage

Congratulations and welcome! I am so happy that New York has finally done the right thing and legalized same-sex marriage and thankful for the repeal of DOMA which recognizes same-sex marriage on the federal level! Now all couples are free to marry the person they love.

Love is one of the truly innate parts of who we are, it is our inherent nature and our one true purpose in life; to love each other. Love is in and of all things, in all places and with all people. There are no rules for love, no restrictions or boundaries. There are no limits for, our love and the capacity to love another human being is endless.

When two people are in love and want create a life together the most natural process for them is to share their bliss and happiness with those closest to them. To celebrate all that their love holds for them and the brilliant future that they look forward to. This is the most perfect expression of all that the gift of love is capable of creating in our lives! A wedding ceremony is the outward form and the highest expression of this love.

The process of planning a wedding is overwhelming and exhilarating. I will help you make the ceremony process easy and simple. I will go over with you all the options that are available in creating your ceremony. And together we will create the ceremony of your dreams! I custom write all my ceremonies so they are unique for each couple. It would be an honor to be chosen to share in your wedding day.

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